I’m Scared: Life Post Grad

This picture is from spring break last year. I went to Orlando, FL with some girlies who all graduated. Know we talk almost every day in a group message called “Coop and Carol”. They lived in a house called the Coop and then its me, Carol.

I graduate in 6 months. Life as I know it will never be the same. It’ll never be the same. Could be better, but never what I know now. I am in this group message with a group of girls who all graduated last year. While I sat in class, earlier my phone blew up with the woes of a post grad life. 

Sarah said “Starting from the beginning sucks. I just wanna be my ratchet self sometimes around semi-friends without having to build the relationship and understanding first” an then Lucy said “Yeah like I have friends & plans but I have no one to be like “hey come to the grocery store with me.”

I live in a gorgeous apartment downtown with three of my closest friends. I go to a school where love and community flow into the classroom. And yet at times I still feel lonely, but I cannot imagine leaving college, walking into the unknown. With graduation so close, adulthood seems so far away. 

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