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the queen herself

Last year I applied for my dream job, to be Kris Jenner’s personal assistant. Using Bumble Bizz, Kris was taking applications for a new assistant. As a 7 on the enneagram, being a personal assistant is what I have been made to do. I am encouraging, energetic, hardworking, and Kris’ number one fan. 

This was my application.

Hi. First and foremost thank you for this opportunity to apply for my dream job. My inexperience as a personal assistant is not a weakness, but an opportunity. I am eager to learn and willing to work to best serve in humility and love. I am dedicated to doing my best, and in all things will get the job done. I am very organized, proactive, and professional. I am not just a young professional, I am also a Christian and believe that the joy that is in my heart allows me to love others well. And, in my opinion, a personal assistant is there to both come along side their employer professionally and personally.  

I am the queen of making the first move. 

Every job I have every held, has come from me asking for an opportunity, with the willingness to work and learn.

My first job real job was working in a farmers market. I love food, cooking, and people. What better place to work than a farmers market! This opportunity came because I knew what I wanted out of my summers. Personally and professionally. I became an expert at customer service and making each person feel loved and important as they shopped at my stand each week.

More recently I was hired as an intern at a marketing firm, that does not offer internship. But I asked, and built a relationship with the founder, who offered me a position. My internship was created for me, because I asked for an opportunity, and was willing to work. 

I am in school for Strategic Communications. My degree has taught me the ins and outs of PR, marketing, and graphic design. More importantly, that clear, honest, and transparent communication is required to build strong relationships. 

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